I thoroughly enjoyed taking these courses. Although I thought I had a fairly good handle on business concepts, I was surprised by many new and interesting ideas, and by the difference that these understandings have had on my knowledge. I am sure that I will use the learning from these classes to help more effectively at work, and I am appreciative of the depth and breadth that they have brought to my understanding of what it means to be a business leader. I would also be interested in continuing to study more details on the business cases. My only disappointment was being so busy in my personal life that I felt I had to rush through the materials. I am grateful to have the materials to return to in the future to review at my leisure. Thank you so much for this tremendous opportunity.
Cheryl Ann Chambers, Operon Partners

The courses have provided me with an avenue of study to meet the requirements for my business startup without traveling great distances.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to study and learn really good skills at such a low cost.  I have talked this program up to many of my friends and colleagues.  Many times I was able to do the program while being in very remote and rural areas of Texas. It was totally wonderful and helped me to enjoy what would have otherwise been a boring period. What a stimulating and exciting way to learn!
Paul Buschek, Business Elevator

Thanks for everything! This was my first on-line class and I felt it was a tremendous learning experience for me. I enjoyed every aspect of the class (well some of the question were very challenging!)  I have grown so much from this class, in so many ways. Everything was very accessible and they were always responsive to my questions and emails. The platform and all of the courses are excellent. Thank you for this great class.
Mary Skyers, GE

I have always enjoyed taking online courses.  I find that the courses are always properly paced for the adult learner (who has other responsibilities in his/her life other than being a student!).  Challenging enough without being overwhelming.  And always stimulating.  I have also appreciated the variety of courses offered. You haven’t seen the end of me yet!  I would like to continue to use the courses for future. I will keep checking for relevant courses as the years progress.
Marty Nugent, SW Bell

“Once I started, I was enjoying myself so much it was hard to stop! I did the first part quite quickly but spent longer on the last two modules as I spent a while trying to think how best to restructure my time. I’m keen to go through those modules again in particular and have another crack at them.”
Ann Cunninghame, Self-employed, New Zealand

“Suzie and I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and are quite sad that we have now finished it. Thanks very much for providing such excellent material. It was interesting, practical and entertaining and we learned heaps. Many thanks for sending us our certificates! These certificates have promptly been laminated and are now pridefully placed up on our office wall.”
Tanya and Suzie, Business Consultants, New Zealand

“I’ve just finished your wonderful course. Thank you, it’s brilliant. I’m impressed by the work gone into it, the depth and clarity, the obvious effort put in to making it instantly digestible.”
Andy Wildman, Australia

“I have just completed the course and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks for the tenor and the content – simple enough but still with lots of learning happening. Great stuff.”
Glenda Fortune, New Zealand

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