Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more frequently asked questions:

1. How much does the course cost?
A. $995 annual registration fee. You should be able to easily complete the course in less than 1 year. Plus, as a new signup gift, you will have 1 year FREE access to the most creative and comprehensive business templates and tools on the Internet. Many of our non-student users pay at least $895 annually for this.

2. Are there any additional costs?
A. No, except for those who want expedited shipping, such as FedEx, when mailing out their completed course certificate. The additional cost in this case is the carrier shipping charge only.

3. How do I start and what about books and other course materials?
A. The course is completely offered online and so all the books, instructions, and materials needed are downloaded. After Registration, simply click the Full Courses link, login, and follow course modules download instructions.

4. How fast can the course be completed?
A. We have seen people do it in 3 months. You decide how long it takes as you work through the material at your own pace.

5. Does your geographical location matter?
A. No…you can take the course from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer, internet access, and understand the English language.

6. Do you have samples of the course materials?
A. yes, please click on the following link: Course Previews
There you will see preview links to download sections from each course.

7. How do I register?
A. Click here: Registration

8. Do you offer tests and quizzes?
A. No…we offer case studies as they are a better way to test your knowledge of the subject matter. Case studies are real life business problems that you are presented with and given an opportunity to solve. Our goal is not to test whether or not you can get an A or a B, but can you solve a challenging business problem.

9. When do I get my certificate?
A. As soon as you confirm that you have completed at least 5 of the course modules, your certificate will be sent to you. We do so by regular mail. However, if you want expedited posting such as fedEx, UPS, DHL, etc, we will do so provided you pay the cost of the expedited shipping.

10. Who is the MBA Education Institute?
A. Click here: About Us to get additional information on who we are


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