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Below are the course descriptions of the various courses offered online. In all the courses the programs include:

  • A focus on the major issues and themes
  • A cutting-edge, current, and relevant approach
  • Leadership development for success

Module 1: MBA Operations Management
Managerial decision making in operations problems, including application of quantitative analysis and use of computers. Production of goods or services in any type of organization. Inventory management, scheduling, facility location, management of service systems and quality assurance.
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Module 2: MBA Entrepreneurship
Evaluation of new market opportunities and starting a new venture, focuses on identifying and evaluating new venture opportunities, developing and testing marketing strategies, evaluating test market performance, and evaluating business plans. Emphasizes the interplay between marketing, manufacturing, finance, accounting, and team management.
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Module 3: MBA Marketing and Advertising
Analysis and management of customer satisfaction in goods and services markets. Buyer behavior, market segmentation and product positioning, product policy, pricing, distribution, sales force and advertising management, and market research in the contexts of strategy development, decision making, implementation, and control. Focuses on consumer satisfaction and brand management including product line and brand developments, pricing strategies, channel and retail relationships, and marketing and communication strategies
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Module 4: MBA Investment Banking and Corporate Finance
Analysis of the structure and functions of financial markets and institutions; the behavior of interest rates through time; the cross-sectional structure of interest rates; and the role of the Federal Reserve and Treasury in financial markets. Systematic analysis and coverage of key issues in financial management. Application of quantitative analysis to financial problems of the firm that are important to practice, including issues related to financing and investment.
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happy-12Module 5: MBA Business Valuation
Valuation of business enterprises, evaluation of financial performance, analysis of complex investment opportunities, business taxation, leasing, and business acquisitions. Emphasis on complications encountered in practice.
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Module 6: MBA Strategic and Business Planning
Integrative focus on managing the total enterprise, including corporate and business-level strategy formation. Applies market and industry analysis, using qualitative and quantitative techniques, to position companies in their competitive environment. Create a strategic plan for on-going or new organization.
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Module 7: MBA Human Resources Management
Covers principles and techniques for recruiting, selecting, and developing employees, appraising their performance, and rewarding their contributions. Reviews legal and regulatory issues that surround these methods. Intended for both general managers and human resource professionals.
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Module 8: MBA Project Management
Management of complex projects, and tools and techniques (e.g., CPM and PERT) developed to aid the planning, scheduling, and control of projects. Includes work breakdown structures, precedence networks, Gantt charts, resource leveling and allocation, and the use of microcomputer programs.
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Module 9: Principles of Economics
Factors underlying the determination of cost and prices for the industry and the firm, demand and supply analysis and firm behavior. The relation of the economic environment to the microeconomic decisions of the firm. Analysis of real and monetary factors affecting the national and international economic environment, supply and demand for money, interest rates, stabilization problems and policies, in relation to government and policy effects on business and individual affairs.
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Module 10: MBA Quality and Six Sigma
Six Sigma is a powerful management tool that promotes process improvement, cost reduction and significant enhancement of bottom-line profitability. The purpose of this course is to thoroughly examine the concept of quality, to define it in terms that are useful for managers, to survey the ideas of major quality thinkers and theorists, to develop proficiency in the use of quality tools, and to consider the challenges of quality program implementation in real business situations.
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  • Business case studies to test your knowledge
  • Video presentations by distinguished business leaders in all 10 course areas described above
  • Self improvement guides, strategies, and action plans – use them to enhance your career or entrepreneurial talents
  • Additional courses and lectures from some of the world’s most prestigious universities to further deepen your knowledge base


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