Learners can go through all of the modules in the program or they can choose their own set of modules and how those modules will be completed. Consequently, the amount of time to complete the program depends very much on how the learner chooses to go through the program.

The more time and energy that learners invest in the program, the more they will learn and accomplish for their organizations and careers. Many of the learning activities in this online program are activities that organizational leaders and managers should do in the workplace anyway to develop a healthy organization. Consequently, time to conduct these learning activities in the program should not be viewed only as “time in the program”; rather, this program helps learners turn their organizations and careers into “learning labs” where they get things done — and learn at the same time.

As a very rough estimate, learners can spend anywhere from 10-40 hours in each module — again this amount of time depends very much on how thorough learners are in reviewing learning materials and conducting activities to deepen and enrich that learning.

Program Outputs (tangible results)
Learners in the program produce the following results:

  • Tactical and operations business planning
  • Management and leadership training plans
  • Complete resources to equip board members
  • Training plan and materials to train the board
    Strategic plan
  • Operating budgets
  • Product marketing analysis
  • Public and media relations plan
  • Sales plan
  • Advertising and promotions plan
  • Financial reports and analysis
  • Customer service plan
  • Policies for staffing and supervising employees
  • Policies and codes to guide toward highly ethical behavior in the workplace
  • Substantial cost savings from continued access to complete online materials for personal and professional development


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