MBA Program

Why pay $70,000 to over $100,000 and dedicate 2 or more years of your life to get MBA skills when you can get them here faster, easier, far cheaper, and more conveniently? Many experts counsel that unless you are accepted by the very elite business schools, the return on investment for the majority of University based MBA programs is not worth it. They further advise that you are far better off focusing on acquiring the skills without such a huge investment. Many people who take on debt to finance the traditional MBA program end up being stuck with steep repayment obligations and concluded they vastly overpaid for the skills received.

Here, You Can Do Our MBA Skills Program Completely Online and At Your Own Speed From Anywhere in the World. If you have a computer and internet access, then you are ready to go!

This non-degree-granting program is for your learning only and includes 10, online learning modules. The program in 100% online, which means it can be taken from anywhere in the world. Modules are “courses” through which learners progress in the program. Materials and activities for learning are tightly integrated with each other across various modules in the program. Learners can choose to complete modules according to their own needs, as well.

Learners Can Start Anywhere in the Program

The program can be highly useful to learners regardless of the order in which they go through the modules in the program. Learning modules are arranged generally in the order needed to develop an organization from the ground up. Learners who are going through the program primarily as a form of training and development can proceed in a sequential fashion and in each module address the a) topics for discussion and reflection and the b) activities to build systems and practices.

Note that the activities required to build and manage a healthy organization are usually very cyclical in nature — for example, product planning often produces learning that, in turn, polishes previous strategic planning activities. Therefore, learners are guided to revisit certain portions of various learning modules at various points in the program.

Learn from anywhere and study anytime
Learn from anywhere and study anytime

Results for Learners and Their Organizations – Outcomes (knowledge, skills and abilities) will include basic understanding and skills about:

  • Self-directed learning and self-management (in preparation for completing this program)
  • Feasibility analysis during considerations to start a business
  • Basic, critical skills in management and leadership in order to plan, organize, lead and coordinate activities in an organization
  • Strategic analysis, planning and implementation
  • Marketing, including market research and analysis, pricing, competitive analysis, production, distribution, sales and customer service
  • Financial management, including basics of bookkeeping, cash management, financial reporting and analysis
  • Staffing and supervising employees, including job definition, recruiting, hiring, performance management and personnel policies
  • Business ethics, including practical guidelines for managing ethics, roles and responsibilities, codes of ethics, codes of conduct, policies, resolving ethical dilemmas and training of employee
  • Common structures, systems, cultures and life cycles
  • Roles and functions of chief executive officer and board of directors
  • Building and operating a board of directors (in the case of corporations)

Program Outputs (tangible results)
Learners in the program produce the following results:

  • Strategic plan
  • Operating budgets
  • Product marketing analysis
  • Public and media relations plan
  • Sales plan
  • Advertising and promotions plan
  • Financial reports and analysis
  • Customer service plan
  • Policies for staffing and supervising employees
  • Policies and codes to guide toward highly ethical behavior in the workplace
  • Job description of chief executive officer
  • Management and leadership training plans
  • Complete resources to equip board members
  • Training plan and materials to train the board
  • Substantial cost savings from continued access to complete online materials for personal, professional and organizational development

Note that the processes that produce the above learning are at least as important — if not more important — than the knowledge itself. This program carefully guides the learner through those processes.


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